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Senior Assisted Living Facility Transitions
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Assisted Transitions is  a senior assistance program that has been active in Idaho for the past 18 months and is now being offered  in Southern California through the VIDA Senior Resource.

The primary focus of Assisted Transitions is to assist seniors in navigating the assisted living facility and senior independent housing maze, enabling them to successfully choose the best option available to them. There are many senior care options available making choosing a facility a very overwhelming process, and often, without knowledge and education, families choose placements that do not always work best. Moving an elderly person into assisted living facility can be a very difficult choice for families, and emotionally trying for everyone involved. To make subsequent moves is even more difficult. Families rely on our assistance to make the first choice the right choice.

We spend a lot of time building relationships with the Idaho and California Assisted Living Facilities, so we are directly familiar with each facility, and what they can offer. This is what sets VIDA apart from other referral agencies, who rely on emailing referrals to facilities and never actually meeting with the people involved.  All clients are walked through the process personally, and the facilities know VIDA to be a reliable and trust worthy senior resource, meeting their needs face to face.

When we receive the initial inquiry regarding assisted living, we collect information about the dynamics of each individuals situation. This best enables us to recommend an assisted living facility that will meet the specific needs of the client including: expense, level of care, and area. From this information and the meeting with the family, we are able to provide a tour of the facilities that we have identified as the best possible options.

Finally we provide a smooth the transition by coordinating and communicating with the assisted living facilities. We are able to assist the client in setting up and completing the assessment process required for admittance. We also assist the client in finding the appropriate available financial resources to offset the expense of assisted living including: medicaid, Veterans Care Assistance, and income based sliding scale rents.

The Assisted Transitions team looks forward to easing the transition to assisted living for seniors. For more information our to receive help you can call us at 1-866-273-2995 or email us.


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