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Idaho Medicaid Eligibility
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If your loved one’s qualify the Idaho Medicaid program is an option for paying for senior home care services in Idaho. The Idaho Medicaid program can also fund other forms of long term care.

Idaho Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

  • For a single person their income cannot be more than $689 a month, they can own one car and one house, and their assets cannot
    exceed $2000.
  • For a married couple the income cap is $1378 a month, they can own one car and one house, and their assets cannot exceed more than $3000.
  • Must be an Idaho resident.
  • Must be a United States citizen or legal non-citizen.

If you would like more information about Idaho Medicaid eligibility or need help with a loved one or friend you can always call us at 1-866-273-2995, visit our Senior Home Care Agency Directory, or fill out this simple online form. Get Help Now!

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2 Responses to “Idaho Medicaid Eligibility”

  1. Shauntell Bailey says:

    Hello, I am with Northern Utah Provider’s Office and I work clients for Idaho Medicaid I am trying to locate Medicaid of Idaho website that I can check eligibility and other information is there an website that consist of such information, if so please send that information to me, if you have any information that will help me please send it.

    Thank You

  2. Matthew says:


    You can visit the Idaho Medicaid Website.

    If you need additional assistance please call us at 1.866.775.0028.


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