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Colorado Medicaid Eligibility Requirements
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Home and Community Based Services, or HCBS, is a Colorado Medicaid program that allows eligible individuals to remain in a home setting with an array of services in place. These services promote independence at home and can delay or even take the place of the need for your loved one being institutionalized. Depending on the individual need, the HCBS waiver programs can allow for the following services:

  • senior home care services
  • skilled nursing visits
  • C.N.A. visits
  • a lifeline installation
  • medical and non-medical transportation
  • adult day care
  • timed medication dispensers

Income & Resource Eligibility for Medicaid in Colorado

The individual income cap for an individual applying for Long Term Care Medicaid is $2,022 per month. If the individual makes more than that number an “income trust” may be set-up . This will allow individuals exceeding the state limits to still participate in the program, albeit ultimately at a greater monetary cost to them. In addition to the $2,022 per month, an individual may not have more than $2,000 in countable assets.

An important factor to consider when applying for Long term care is that only the applicant’s income is counted. This allows for a married couple to have one person apply and the individual’s, not the couples total income is counted. Additionally, that individual still needs to meet the $2000 in countable assets, but their spouse can keep up to $109,560 in countable resources.
Finally, if both spouses will be applying for Medicaid, they may have only up to $4000 in countable resources.

Functional Medicaid Eligibility in Colorado

Meeting the financial eligibility for Long Term Care Medicaid in Colorado is only the first of two steps. A functional assessment is performed by the specific county’s Single Entry Point Agency (SEPA). It is the duty of the person performing this assessment to determine whether or not there is a functional need for services to be provided. The amount of home care services, for example, will be determined by the initial assessment, and is available for review as conditions change.

How to Apply for Colorado Medicaid

Colorado Medicaid applications can be found online. Click Medicaid once the main page has appeared. Applications can then be submitted to the Department of Human/Social Services. You can also contact the local Vida office for assistance applying for Colorado Medicaid or with Senior Home Care Services in Denver at 303.252.4477.

If you would like assistance or more information you can always call us at 1.866.775.0028, visit our Senior Home Care Agency Directory, or fill out this simple online form. Get Help Now!

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  1. Kelly Shivel says:

    WoW! Colorado really treats their citizens right! Could one of you have your Governor call our Governor and explain HOW your state can offer all the right things while OUR state continues to rank last in HCBS and thus institutional bias is rampant. Great Job!

    Kelly Shivel
    SarahCare Adult Day Services
    2 Courtyard Lane
    Barboursville, WV 25504

  2. Taylor says:

    Having the option to stay at home as well as having the opportunity of the services is great!

  3. Good job and you Having the option to stay at home as well as having the opportunity of the services is great!
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog .I love your blog by the way, I am gonna have to add you to my list of watched blogs.

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