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Declaring a Parent Incompetent and Finding Resources for Dementia Care
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Trent Rushton, Administrator of Advanced Home Care in Boise Idaho answers a Senior Q & A about having a parent declared incompetent and finding resources for dementia care…

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My Mother has suddenly had dementia issues and hasn’t been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s as of yet. We can’t get access to her finances unless she is declared incompetent. We live six hours away and we have a home care agency at the home watching over her but her funds are nearly gone. It is possible they will run out before we can get her declared incompetent – Are there any other resources that can help us?

Your mother’s physician would have to be the one to have her declared incompetent. You can either talk to her doctor or send the doctor a letter voicing your concern for your mother’s well being. The doctor can have her take a cognitive exam. If she fails the cognitive exam then you can push for a Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA). If your mother is a threat to herself then you can call your local Adult Protection Agency and have them help you with the legality of having your mother declared incompetent. Many times if the county is involved they can help with guardianship. If you are looking for other financial help or resources to pay for her care there maybe county or state grants available. Medicaid is also a possibility; if your mother ends up spending all of financial resources on care she can apply for Medicaid. Each state medicaid has different financial guide lines for medicaid eligibility and what care are covered.

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