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Long Term Care Costs and Resources

What is Long-term Care Insurance?

A policy that helps cover the cost of long-term care. Policy coverage includes services provided by both Assisted Living Facilities and Non-Medical In-Home Care agencies.

Services covered include assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as eating, dressing, bathing, grooming, toileting, transferring in and out of the bed or a chair, and walking.

Do I need Long-term Care Insurance?

The need for Long-term Care Insurance is not limited to the elderly. Many people between the ages of 18-64 receive benefits from policies for long-term care. Coverage can be provided indefinitely or for a few months while a person recovers from surgery, injury or an illness.

What are the costs for long-term care?

The cost of Long-term Care can become quiet astronomical very quickly. The cost for various services can range from $18-28 an hour, so if you require 24 hour care you may need up to $600 a day, making a Long-term Care Insurance policy a must.

There are many different types of polices available to consumers. What percentage of the cost of care and what qualifies a person for payment of benefits differs between policies.

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