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Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living care provides long term care for seniors requiring some form of assistance, but do not require the intense medical and skilled nursing care provided in a nursing facility. Assisted Living Facilities are designed to provide seniors with a safe and secure environment while allowing them to maintain the maximum level of independence.

Some of the services provided in an Assisted Living Facility include: companionship, assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) & Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs), personal care assistance, and medication reminders.

Care at an Assisted Living Facility is covered by Long Term Care Insurance and may be covered by Medicaid. Senior assisted living care is not covered by Medicare & other health insurance plans. These plans cover the cost of skilled medical services and do not cover the cost of the housing or assistance with ADLs & IADLs provided by Assisted Living Facilities.

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Assisted Living Facility Glossary:

Activities of Daily Living

A person’s daily activities, which include bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, walking, socialization, taking medications, getting in and out of a bed, movement, and any other personal care activities.
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Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

A person’s daily activities not essential for fundamental functioning, but related to the level of their independent living, which include shopping, meal preparation, managing money, house cleaning, and using the telephone.
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Long-term Care Insurance

An insurance policy that covers long-term care expenses at home or in a facility (other than an acute care unit of a hospital). Neither Medicare nor Medicare supplemental insurance cover these expenses.
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A federally and state funded health insurance program for eligible low income people; pays for all or part of the cost of certain medical services & long-term care.
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A federally funded health insurance program for eligible people 65 and older and some disabled individuals. Part A covers hospital costs. Part B covers doctor bills and other medical costs.
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