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Senior Life Settlement Policies and Resources

Senior Life Insurance Settlements

Over 90 percent of all Life Insurance policies are either surrendered or lapsed. Senior Life Settlements is an option for policy holders which gives them market value for their policy rather than the cash surrender value offered by their insurance company.

In a senior life settlement ownership of an unwanted or unneeded policy is transfered from the policy holder to a third party for more than the cash value offered by the life insurance company. The third party becomes responsible for all premium payments and is now the beneficiary of the policy at maturity.

Benefits and Reasons Ror a Life Settlement

  • Fund replacement, life insurance, annuities, long-term care or investments
  • Create a more comfortable retirement lifestyle
  • Reduce or eliminate future life insurance premiums
  • Fund the purchase of a needed survivorship policy
  • Bestow cash gifts to family members or charities
  • A profitable alternative to the surrender or lapse of your policy
  • The policy is corporately owned (key-man, buy-sell, executive comp, etc.)
  • Proceeds of life settlements are used for more appropriate types of insurance
  • Risk for which the policy was purchased no longer exists
  • The insured has outlived beneficiaries

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