Types of Senior Care Facilities

There are 5 basic types of senior care facilities. The type of facility your loved one needs will be dependent upon the level of care they require.

Independent Living

Independent living is suitable for seniors who are tired of the daily tasks and chores associated with maintaining a house. Candidates for independent living should be in good physical health and able to maintain their living space and way of life without the help of the facility staff…
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Assisted Living Community

Assisted living is for persons who need a little bit more help than what independant living offers. Where independant living requires one to manage all of their needs on their own or by a loved one, assisted living offers assistance with custodial care such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, and light housekeeping…
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Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Homes

Many assisted living facilities also have a seperate building, wing, or hall devoted to their memory care unit which is for residents with Alzheimer’s. These residents generally need more supervision as many have the desire to wander, which is why they are all secured. Meaning that the staff have to push a code to enter and leave each secured door without an alarm going off, keeping your loved one safe. And they still have everything the main assisted living offers, such as their meals, medicine, activities, etc. The reason many assisted living facilities have both assisted and alzheimers units, is because it’s an easier transition than having to go to even another building.
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Residential Board & Care Homes

Residential Board and Care Homes are now generally referred to simply as care homes; Nursing homes are now called care homes with nursing. A care home is a residential setting where a number of elderly people live, either in a single room, a shared room, or a two bedroom setting…
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Home For Individual Care

A home for individual care or HIC home is bound by the same regulations as a residential board and care facility, but only licensed for 2 beds. These homes are geared more for people with many daily needs and tasks…
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